Symptoms of Acid Reflux and the Proper Foods to Treat It

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By now, we are sure that everyone’s experienced acid reflux at least once. If you have not, then we sure hope you will not have to experience it, as it is not exactly the most comforting experience in the world. Acid reflux is usually caused when the acids from your stomach flow back up the esophagus. There are many causes for this, meaning that the reason you’ve experienced acid reflux might be different from someone else’s. However, whether the cause for the unpleasant experience would be a weakened sphincter in the lower esophagus or the overconsumption of alcohol, there are ways out there that will help reduce the symptoms of acid reflux.

In this article, we will address in more detail the symptoms you can experience as a result of heartburn, as well as how you can reduce them using the proper food items.

The symptoms of acid reflux

So, what are the symptoms of acid reflux? Heartburn is one of the main ones, but there are also quite a few more. While these are not always caused by acid reflux, they can be an indication of it. Symptoms include hiccups, bloating, sore throat, burping, dry cough, vomiting, regurgitation, and a few others. 

Again, we must point out that these symptoms do not necessarily point to acid reflux. However, if they occur after eating specific types of food at certain times of the day, chances are that it is. The best way for you to figure out the triggers for your acid reflux, then, would be to keep a note somewhere of what you eat during the day and pointing out when you experience the symptoms. That way, you will have an idea of what you should not be eating, and when you should not be eating to avoid acid reflux.

Reducing the symptoms with food

While some foods can trigger acid reflux, other foods help reduce the symptoms you experience from it. There are quite a few actually, and some of them might already be present in your fridge or pantry. 

For example, vegetables are a great way to reduce acid reflux symptoms. That is because leafy greens reduce stomach acid. Plus, since they are low in fat, they will not trigger the reflux. Another great example of this would be with eggs, or more specifically, egg whites. Everyone has eggs, but did you know that the egg whites help with reducing symptoms? Just note that you should stay away from the yolk, as it has a high-fat content which can worsen the symptoms. Other beneficial food items include lean meat items, non-acidic fruits like bananas, and ginger for its natural healing properties. There are quite a few more we can state, but a quick google search will get you the answer.

Put simply, food items that are low in fat and acid and packed with fiber all help in reducing reflux symptoms.


So, if you have been experiencing acid reflux for quite some time, it’s most likely caused by your current diet. Change it up for something healthier and start implementing the foods we have shared with you. That way, not only will you get to enjoy a more comfortable life, but since you are treating yourself with much healthier food items (vegetables), you are pretty much benefiting your body in more ways than one.

If you’re looking to treat acid reflux, check out the Heartburn No More website for some very helpful tips.