4 Simple Remedies for Heartburn Relief

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If you feel like the contents of your stomach move backward and upward into the food pipe, you might want to consult a doctor. This medical condition refers to heartburn, also known as gastrointestinal reflux. 

Heartburn can last for two hours, but this period can extend depending on the root cause of your condition. For instance, mild heartburn that takes place after you eat spicy or acidic food can typically last until your stomach digests the food. In addition, heartburn symptoms may return a few hours after their initial onset if you lie down or bend over.

If you regularly experience bouts of painful heartburn, then you may opt for at-home treatments. Read on for a few helpful remedies that will help relieve heartburn symptoms.

1. Try to Relax

One remedy for heartburn relief is relaxing. Although you might feel worried about your medical condition, keep in mind that getting stressed can worsen heartburn symptoms. You don’t want to experience unwanted side effects, so remember to get rid of stress and tension. 

Consider doing relaxation techniques like meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, mindfulness exercises, or yoga. Through these relaxation processes, you could provide relief for some heartburn symptoms.

2. Maintain a Healthy Weight

If you’re obese or overweight and experience heartburn symptoms, you might want to put effort into lowering your weight to help relieve the pain. Having a healthy body weight can aid in reducing the symptoms of acid reflux. So, you might find having a diet and exercise weight loss program can make a difference.

However, just because one treatment is helpful to one person doesn’t mean it can also work for you. Every person reacts differently to treatments, so before you dive deep into the weight loss rabbit hole, make sure to consult your healthcare provider. They will help guide you in your journey to alleviate heartburn.

3. Eat a Spoonful of Mustard

You might want to consider eating mustard for heartburn, as doing so can be effective. In particular, acid reflux and mustard can go hand in hand. Since mustard contains an alkaline that neutralizes stomach acid, it will help if you eat a spoonful to prevent it from coming up. 

Eating a spoonful of mustard can be a simple home remedy that anyone with heartburn can try. You can do so if you already experience the symptoms or feel that heartburn is coming to neutralize the acid.

4. Dissolve Baking Soda in Water

Like mustard, baking soda also has an alkaline pH that neutralizes excess stomach acid that causes heartburn symptoms. You may want to use baking soda for reflux as it is a common remedy for the relief of this medical condition.

Now, if you plan on drinking dissolved baking soda in water, only use it sparingly. Use baking soda when symptoms first appear to prevent other problems that may develop in your body. Since baking soda is also a salt, drinking too much may lead to further health problems.

The Bottom Line

These four simple remedies can be helpful when you have mild to occasional heartburn symptoms. However, if you have severe heartburn and it occurs often, it is crucial to see your doctor, who can prescribe you the necessary treatment.

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