How You Can Have Reflux-Free Summers – Our Guide

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With summer just right around the corner, it’s understandable to feel quite a bit of excitement even as you enjoy the sun and fun at home amidst the current COVID-19 pandemic. From special indoor picnics to a bit of sunbathing or swimming in your own pool, there are many activities to enjoy this summer without any regrets, especially when it comes to all the food you’ll be cooking up!

Regardless of whether it’s a BBQ or Piña colada under the summer sun, the summer hosts a feast of culinary delights and experience. However, you may not enjoy that much if you’re struggling with GERD. 

Generally, there are several summer foods and drinks that aren’t exactly GERD-friendly and can easily cause some sleepless nights if you aren’t careful to spot and avoid them. When the necessary steps aren’t taken to spot which dishes work with your conditions, you can end up experiencing the symptoms of the disease more often. Fortunately, avoiding nausea, chest pains, abdominal burning, and potential fits of regurgitation simply entails staying abreast with the right kinds of education.

If you’ve been meaning to keep the bad news to a minimum and make the most out of your summer, here’s a quick guide to help you navigate the whole season reflux-free: 

Using medicine to avoid any problems

Now, while the thought of summer may swarm your mind with foods that don’t mix well with GERD, the fact is that you won’t have to suffer by way of abstinence as long as you stock up on the right meds.

In spite of how jalapeno poppers, BBQ sauce, buffalo wings, and chips and salsa can spike an acid attack, taking a proton pump inhibitor can prevent your condition from acting up. With the help of Nexium or Prilosec, you can keep all the potential symptoms under control and enjoy your summer favorites with ease. It is important to note, however, that PPIs don’t completely stop a potential reflux episode, so you may want to cut out the idea of eating potential trigger dishes and limit your intake as much as possible.

How you can keep everything GERD-friendly by swapping out ingredients

Aside from letting medicine keep your condition under control, another effective way to enjoy your gastronomic summer fun is to replace any dishes that may backfire with alternatives. 

By replacing dishes with options that replicate the taste with minimal acidic ingredients, you can enjoy eating with your family without the risk of reflux. For instance, opting for a less sour buffalo sauce or alternative to coat your wings or cutting out vinegarettes and replacing them with cream-based dressing can go a long way in keeping your acidity levels under control!


Enjoying your meals during summer, while keeping your GERD in check, doesn’t have to mean suffering out of envy and dietary restrictions as long as you consider the right tips. With the help of this quick guide, you can enjoy your summer favorites without experiencing any problems while spending time with your family!

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