How to Keep Yourself Heartburn-Free during the Holidays

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After a wild and challenging year, many individuals and families have long waited for the holidays to arrive. As you enjoy the holidays, what better way to make up for the lost time and celebrate the festive season than to eat and drink all you can, right? Not only will you grace the occasion with your family, but you will also likely invite some friends and guests to come over to your house. 

However, before taking the plunge into having a food party and binge drinking, think of how this will impact you, especially if you suffer from heartburn. As you may be aware, heartburn is a burning pain felt in the chest, right behind the breastbone. The pain is often triggered by eating, in the evening, and when lying down.

The good news is that the National Heartburn Alliance offers some pieces of advice on how to manage and treat your heartburn. If you easily and quickly suffer from this, here’s how to keep yourself heartburn-free during the holidays:

1. Don’t overeat the turkey

The turkey will most likely look mouth-watering and enticing as you gaze at it over the dinner table. As such, it’s easy for you to fall prey and give in to all your covetousness. While it’s the best time to savor the best of turkey, overeating is a big no-no. So, while you don’t want to deprive yourself of this, just eat in smaller portions instead!

2. Monitor your food intake

The advice mentioned above doesn’t only apply to turkey, but to other foods as well. It’s more likely that you’ll have a buffet table loaded with kinds of delicacies—from red meat to pasta down to sweets. For this reason, be sure to monitor your food consumption and avoid food triggers that will cause you to suffer.

3. Drink moderately but plenty of water

When it comes to drinking caffeinated, carbonated, or alcoholic drinks, keep in mind that they must be consumed moderately, lest you want to end up with triggered heartburn. The only thing that you mustn’t limit is taking plenty of water. As much as possible, drink at least eight glasses per day to keep your acid reflux at bay.

4. Reduce late-night snacking

It’s easy to enjoy late-night snacking during the holidays because you’re free from work tasks. You’ll most likely snack on some chips while watching TV or enjoying a movie with your family and loved ones. However, you must avoid doing so, especially if and when you are suffering from heartburn!

5. Be wary of your cooking and food preparation

If you were tasked to cook and prepare food for the festive holidays, you must be at least wary of what you’ll serve on the table. Be sure to check your recipes and all the ingredients you’ll use. Whenever possible, be sure to opt for healthy options instead, for the benefit of those who’ll enjoy your food!

6. Workout to prepare for the holidays

It’s best to continue exercising before and during the holidays. Don’t stop hitting the gym if you can, and at least have regular walks on the stairs, even during the holidays. Doing so will keep your digestive systems moving.

7. Avoid wearing tight clothes

Did you know that wearing tight clothes will make your heartburn even worse? For this reason, be sure to wear loose layers of clothes and avoid tight belts, particularly if you feel like you’ll have heartburn.


At this point, you now know how to go about managing and treating your heartburn, especially during the long year-end break. Be sure to follow the valuable tips shared above, recommended by the National Heartburn Alliance. By doing so, you’ll have the most pleasant and heartburn-free holidays that you deserve!

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