How to Control Your Acid Reflux Without Undergoing Surgery

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It can be tough to handle digestive problems such as acid reflux because, more often than not, each meal you choose to have has to adhere to your daily diet restrictions. Once you find yourself consuming food that can trigger the acid in your stomach, you can expect to feel discomfort, leading to significant damage to your esophageal canal!

Not only that, but whenever you experience acid reflux, you place yourself in greater danger of developing cancer. That’s why every time you encounter your stomach acting up, it shouldn’t be a case you ignore and hope it goes away.

The best method to eliminate your acid reflux is through surgery because it works to keep your esophageal sphincter firm, preventing the acids in your stomach from affecting your esophagus. But if you aren’t prepared for a permanent procedure and want to try alternative options, you can consider changing your lifestyle habits to control your acid reflux. 

Keep reading below to learn tips on adjusting your routine to address your health problems without requiring surgery.

Consume Meals in Smaller Portions

When you go through your day and eat your meals accordingly, you should practice taking smaller meals instead of large ones that can make you feel bloated. Filling yourself up too much can provoke your acid reflux to occur, which is why distributing your meals properly is one way to keep acid reflux from affecting your daily routine!

Stay Away From Spicy and Oily Food

While spicy and oil food tends to be delicious and tempting, if you want to witness changes in your life, you need to cut back on your favorite food, primarily if you need to avoid acid reflux. You can still consume them moderately so long as you can tell your symptoms aren’t flaring up before you can try eating spicy and oily food.

Avoid Snacking Late at Night

For people whose habit involves eating a midnight snack regularly, it’s crucial to understand that late at night, your stomach is still working to break down the food you ate throughout the day. While gravity works to prevent stomach acid from heading back to your esophageal canal, when you lie down, you’re speeding up the process and stimulating your acid reflux. 

Exercise Regularly

Each time you gain weight, you’re placing added tension towards your abdomen, which ends up aggravating your stomach acid and eventually leading to reflux. One way to prevent your weight from affecting your condition is by staying active and making an effort to work out and lose the excess weight!

Minimize Alcohol and Soda Consumption

Whenever you drink a glass of beer or soda, you can expect it to lead to an array of uncontrollable burping. While it may seem harmless, it actually causes the acid in your stomach to rise back up into your esophageal canal. 

If you really can’t last long without carbonated drinks, the least you can do is control how often you drink. Also, consider gulping down a glass of water alongside it to minimize the chances of burping and feeling bloated!


When you want to control your acid reflux through natural methods, you can try out the tips above to help manage your stomach issues and keep your digestive system from acting up. That way, you don’t have to undergo surgery anytime soon—and hopefully ever. If you’re wondering whether probiotics can help with acid reflux, you can consult with your doctor to determine if you can consume prescribed medication to help with your digestion.

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