Fighting the Burning Sensation: Understanding Acid Reflux

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Accidental acid reflux can be normal after heavy meals or occasionally from sleeping after eating. But semi-regular acid reflux may be something else. It’s not a minor health issue, so treat it as a priority. More than over-the-counter or prescription medicine, you must get to the root of the issue to start acid reflux treatment. Let’s look at these facts and know more about what acid reflux does.

Acid Reflux: Not Good

Acid reflux happens every time digestive acid backs up in our esophagus from the stomach. It can produce heartburn, the uncomfortable feeling of acidic liquid below your chest. You experience this in minor levels when eating too much, eating much spicy food, or when you lie down or sleep after a meal. Many people think it’s not a big deal, but prolonged extreme reflux can result in serious health problems.

The chronic version of acid reflux is GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disease. Over time, untreated GERD and acid reflux may require surgery to repair your damaged esophagus. It may be mild and neglectable, but acid can progress to GERD if left to work its damage little by little.

Dealing With the Reflux

Many changes to eating habits will help lessen and stop GERD. One is to avoid laying down after eating. Doctors note that sleeping after eating may only be allowed at least 4 hours to give the stomach time to digest and stop producing harmful stomach acid.

Lying down too soon can allow stomach acid to travel down the stomach-esophagus gate called the LES or lower esophageal sphincter, resulting in mild to bad heartburn. Avoid trigger foods such as chili soups, red peppers, or super spicy food to alleviate the heaving upwards action of acid.

Many acid reflux treatment options exist to help stop it. Some people who experience frequent reflux can get prescription medications, but these medications often just alleviate symptoms only. Medications can be helpful, but the root of the issue must be treated.

Some prescription drugs may reduce the acid production just enough to keep it at bay, but the long-term effects of these substances are well-known. It can produce more than discomfort and even affect kidney or liver health. Some may even contain PPIs which have been considered harmful and toxic, especially with regular use.

People may even use mustard for heartburn, along with other home remedies. No strong medical correlation exists, but the vinegar content and acidic levels may even worsen the heartburn, adding to the acidic content.

Final Notes

Acid reflux is actually a serious issue. Many people treat it as a normal feeling until it starts to worsen. While it occasionally does happen, it’s not good to feel it quite often, as it causes damage in the long run. You may want to check that burning feeling to avoid GERD. Fortunately there are resources you can turn to for better treatment.

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