Drinking Tea for Acid Reflux: Breaking Down the Pros and Cons

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Although some people only experience acid reflux once in a while, many people suffer from it regularly as a chronic condition. People who have this condition need to take extra care with their dietary and lifestyle choices to avoid triggering symptoms.

Tea is one of the many solutions that people consider to soothe acid reflux. Even though it’s generally served hot, its healing properties tend to be better for people with acid reflux. However, it’s necessary to understand that tea has many kinds and variations. For this reason, not all tea products may prove to be effective for all illnesses.

The variation of different tea products

Since people with chronic acid reflux need to watch their dietary habits, they need to avoid substances that can worsen their condition. Carbonated beverages and caffeine products are among the list of drinks they should stay away from. Although this cancels out plenty of your potential drinking options, there are still some that offer a little more flavor than plain water. Herbal tea can serve as an alternative with its ability to reduce inflammation and improve digestion. However, you should first realize that not all tea blends offer similar effects.

Tea products you should avoid

It’s important to understand what you’re buying before you go on a splurge to buy a few boxes of tea packets. Although tea blends generally offer health benefits to its drinkers, people with acid reflux may not receive the same advantages. Listed below are three tea products you should avoid if you’re suffering from acid reflux:

  1. Mint tea: Similar to how this flavor of food can be harmful to eat if you have Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), peppermint, spearmint, and other mint variations tend to develop worse cases of acid reflux. These herbal blends can cause your lower esophageal (LES) to relax more, leading acid to escape and climb up to induce heartburn.
  2. Fruit-infused tea: You should generally avoid food and beverages with high acidity if you have acid reflux. The acid content of fruits like lemon and orange can stimulate your stomach acids to induce GERD. Even if tea blends only have trace amounts of this flavor, it can still aggravate your symptoms.
  3. Caffeine-infused tea: Coffee and soda aren’t the only beverages that contain caffeine content. Oolong and black tea’s intensity is due to their caffeine content, making it a dangerous addition to your drinking options if you have acid reflux.

Tea products you should buy

Staying away from the tea product above isn’t enough if you want to find tea products that will help your condition. Thankfully, there are two leading options for you to try if you think tea should be a part of your diet. These two are ginger and chamomile tea.

Ginger, as an ingredient, is a valuable natural remedy for acid reflux. Its anti-inflammatory properties can reduce gastroesophageal irritation and relieve the feeling of nausea. Besides its beneficial effects to combat acid reflux symptoms, it also increases blood circulation and prevents the backflow of acid. These advantages combined make ginger tea an excellent addition to your diet.

Although chamomile tea is more known as a sleeping aid, it’s also great for relieving stomach aches and acid reflux. Like ginger, it has anti-inflammatory properties to help with digestive problems like diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome. Additionally, it can lower your gastric acidity, lowering the severity of your acid reflux symptoms.


When looking for potential solutions to your condition, it’s necessary to be specific about what you should be buying. For this reason, it’s essential to purchase the right tea products if you want to ensure that it will help you with your acid reflux. Remember to listen and subscribe to reliable resources to avoid making crucial mistakes in treating your GERD.

Dealing with heartburn will only be harder if you don’t subscribe to the right informative sources. If you’re looking for more safety tips and medical advice in handling acid reflux, check out the Heartburn No More website today to see how we can help.