Controlling Acid Reflux with Regular Walks – What to Know

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One of the most irritating things to experience is acid reflux. This is a disturbing bodily sensation that happens when acid from your stomach builds up, targets your esophagus, and results in uncomfortable heartburn. 

Thankfully, there are proven solutions to treat acid reflux. Some people turn to home remedies such as mustard or even baking soda. However, this doesn’t solve the long-term issue of acid reflux buildup in your body. 

Having a healthy diet and losing weight is often advised to help curb acid reflux. However, even some forms of exercise can trigger an attack. This is why most people who have the condition turn to regular walks as their exercise of choice.

Walking has been proven to reduce the instances of acid reflux. It also helps the body transition to cultivating a healthier lifestyle as it curbs weight gain and most heart diseases. 

Here are some reasons why you should walk more frequently if you suffer from heartburn or acid reflux. 

Reduces your food intake’s transit time 

Understanding acid reflux begins with taking into account the transit time your food takes to reach your stomach. This is because acid reflux happens as a chain reaction in your stomach and gut. The more food that is retained in your stomach, the more pressure is exerted to push your food down. This reaction triggers the gut to release more acid that leads to acid reflux.

Walking has been proven as an effective measure to reduce the transit time of the food you ingest. This leads to less pressure on the gut to release excess acid and avoids acid reflux altogether. Walking helps ease the passage of food through your gastrointestinal tract as it promotes healthy muscle activity in your digestive system. 

Increases blood flow and respiration

Blood circulation and respiration are also integral parts in improving your digestive system, thus in also avoiding acid reflux. Remember that the key to curbing acid reflux is encouraging the natural emptying of the stomach as it digests food. Therefore, introducing a healthy increase in both blood circulation and respiration helps to process food quicker in the digestive tract. 

Walking directly targets both proper blood circulation and respiration. It helps the body build resilience and burns food for more energy. This encourages your digestive system to have the ideal conditions to process food later on into energy, which your body needs to rejuvenate after a good walk. 

Be sure to include walking before meals or regularly to improve your body’s transit time for food. 

Controls and maintains your stress levels

Learning to control acid reflux is essentially knowing that your body’s systems are all linked together. Even if acid reflux mostly concerns your digestive system, it has also been found that high levels of stress can trigger more frequent heartburns. This is because of the deterioration of the body to function properly due to exhaustion and increased mental fatigue. 

Walking helps to avoid acid reflux and also controls the stress levels felt in the brain, heart, and stomach. Maintaining a healthy habit of walking regulates proper breathing and blood flow which can also decrease your stress levels. This is because healthy exercise like walking helps to produce endorphins, the chemical that triggers good brain activity and overall well being. 


Acid reflux is more than just declogging your gut or stomach. As we learned together, it takes cultivating a full-body approach to address the heartburn at the root. Finally, always remember to stay healthy and not to rely on quick fixes.

We are here to help you “walk away” from acid reflux for good! Relief yourself from heartburn today! Check out our other blog posts for more information and possible treatments.

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