Coffee Brewing 101: Coffee to Make for a Happy Tummy

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Coffee consumption is indeed linked to several health benefits, but with that comes some cons, such as digestive problems. In some cases, people may experience symptoms like heartburn, acid indigestion, and acid reflux. Because of this, people who love coffee are looking for acid reflux treatment like baking soda or even mustard.

If you’re one of those who experience these uncomfortable symptoms, keep reading because we’ve broken down what you should do to eliminate stomach issues while you drink coffee. Let’s start with a cup of coffee and get right to it!

Coffee with low acidity works best with your stomach

When we talk about lower acid coffee, we’re referencing its pH levels, meaning a lower pH level coffee is more acidic than higher ones. The acidity levels in coffee change from when you roast your coffee and alters depending on the brewing method you choose. 

For example, darker roasts are likely to have lower levels of acid than lighter roasts, which is also quite evident in their flavors. If you want an even lower level of acids, using the cold brew method lowers the acidity. 

Aside from roasting and brewing, the coffee itself and specific varieties have lesser acids, such as arabica coffee. This could be a result of the farm’s elevation and drying methods. 

NMP compound and roasting have a connection to acidity levels

When roasting coffee, a chemical compound is produced that may offer clues into what type of coffee you should consume to avoid upsetting your stomach. 

When your coffee has high levels of the chemical compound N-methyl pyridinium or NMP, it may cause your stomach to release lesser stomach acid because it blocks the production of this acid, preventing heartburn and acid reflux. 

Chlorogenic acids are the enemies

If there’s a good compound in coffee that helps reduce stomach acid, there’s another compound that does the opposite, and you should stay away from that. 

Although you may be consuming coffee with high levels of NMP, some coffees may have higher levels of CGAs, destroying the powerful benefits of NMP.

With this information, the best coffee you can drink to avoid an upset stomach is finding coffee with high levels of NMP and lower CGA levels. Cold brew coffee has high NMP levels, making it one of the safest and tummy-friendly coffee drinks out there.

But if you want to drink espresso, you can add milk protein to bind chlorogenic acids and lower the coffee’s acidity. 

Dark roast coffee is your stomach’s best friend

Although dark roast coffees may have an intense taste and flavor, this type of roast is the easiest on the stomach. Compared to lighter roasts, dark roast coffees have a higher NMP content and reduced level of CGAs.

If you’re trying to figure out how to address your acid reflux issues, add dark roast coffee to the list along with mustard and baking soda for acid reflux solutions. 

So, what type of coffee brewing methods should I do?

Now that you know what type of roast you should get to lessen your stomach issues, here are some coffee brewing tips you can follow:

1. Make cold brew coffee instead

When you make cold brew coffee, you get lower levels of all the compounds found in the coffee without compromising the bean’s flavors. This means you’ll get a higher coffee kick without the discomfort of stomach issues. 

2. Add milk

If you have no issues with dairy, milk can combine compounds that upset your stomach. So if you want to lessen the intensity of the flavors of your dark roast coffee, it’s safe to add milk to also reduce the acids in the coffee.


Now that you know what compounds in coffee affect your stomach, you can now look for beans and try brewing methods that’ll help you enjoy your coffee without the discomforts of an upset stomach. So aside from using mustard and baking soda for acid reflux, try switching up your coffee game to prevent these issues from happening in the first place. 

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