Acid Reflux 101: 4 Tips To Protect Your Teeth During Heartburn

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Acid reflux, also known as heartburn, is characterized by a burning sensation on your chest. This pain is brought by your stomach acids rising into your esophagus, which can be increasingly painful if not resolved. 

Beyond the sensation of pain that you might feel, however, the rising levels of acid could also be hazardous for your teeth. Prolonged acid exposure can erode the enamel surrounding your teeth, causing it to be more brittle and prone to the effects of bacteria. 

In order to avoid this risk, here are four simple tips you can follow to protect your teeth during bouts of acid reflux.

Avoid heartburn-inducing practices

The primary and most obvious way to protect your teeth is to prevent and avoid heartburn inducing practices. As logical as this might seem, some practices can be hard to avoid, such as eating spicy food, consuming alcohol, or smoking. By limiting these, however, you can avoid getting heartburn entirely.

Being more proactive in avoiding heartburn can reduce the chances of reflux at an astonishing degree. Although it might not completely stop for those with chronic conditions, such as Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), it can reduce the frequency enough to limit the damage.

Don’t brush after an episode

Regardless of how it might feel or taste, it’s ill-advised to brush your teeth immediately after an acid reflux episode. Despite how good it could feel to freshen up your mouth, this can potentially damage your teeth even further.

Rising levels of acid severely weaken the enamel on your teeth, easily causing erosion and breaks if you aren’t careful. For the best and safest results, wait for an hour after experiencing heartburn before you start brushing your teeth. This way, you could let some of the strain on your teeth ease before you begin.

Use the correct products

Unfortunately, not all tooth brushing implements are made equal. With chronic cases of acid reflux, your teeth are pushed towards the sensitive side and need better care to ensure its health. 

The advancements in the dental industry have pushed for the development of toothbrushes and toothpaste catered specifically for sensitive teeth. These can help strengthen your teeth while ensuring that your brushing experience isn’t too harsh on your weakened teeth.

Use a baking soda solution

It’s widely known that using baking soda for acid reflux is highly effective. The composition of baking soda negates the effects of your stomach acid, possibly ending your heartburn episode entirely.

Beyond this, however, simply gargling with a baking soda solution can reduce the amount of acidity within your mouth. This will reduce the effects of your episode on your teeth—saving it from the harsher effects of prolonged acid exposure.


Regular bouts of acid reflux can be incredibly painful and annoying if not resolved immediately. Beyond that, the increasing levels of acidity within your body make it hazardous for the health of your teeth, burning the enamel and making it prone to erosion. By following certain practices, you can negate the effects of acid on your body and improve the overall health of your teeth as well.

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