6 Ways to Ease Heartburn and Indigestion in Pregnancy

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Did you know that heartburn and indigestion are the most frequent symptoms among pregnant women? 

Approximately 80% of women go through this throughout their child-bearing journey. Even if this is not your first pregnancy, heartburn and indigestion may complicate matters and make life difficult for expecting moms. One of the causes of these two is hormonal changes in early pregnancy, which may alter the functions of the digestive muscles. 

While many factors contribute to these health issues, there are easy solutions. As an expecting mother, a few minor changes in your lifestyle may go a long way. It may have a significant effect and alleviate any unpleasant sensations of heartburn and indigestion. Here are a few tips to assist you in dealing with any discomfort or pain:

1. Identify Any Trigger Foods

To treat any heartburn or indigestion issues, you must first identify the underlying reason. Certain foods may have varying effects on various individuals. As a result, it is critical to determine which foods cause your heartburn and ingestion issues. Keeping a food diary to record what you’ve had for each meal as well as how you felt. This will help you narrow down any foods or beverages that make you feel sick. Chocolate, fruit juice, caffeine, chili, and oil are a few common culprits of heartburn and indigestion. 

2. Give Your Food Time to Properly Digest

It may be tempting to munch now and then when you experience prenatal cravings. However, it is wise to allow your body time to digest each meal. Doing so will help you to avoid heartburn and indigestion. Giving your stomach a chance to rest is particularly important before bed, which is why you should eat no less than three to four hours prior to bedtime. Lying down can make it easier for partially digested food to rise back up into your esophagus. 

If you’ve mostly been experiencing heartburn and indigestion at night, consider putting something beneath your mattress to keep your upper body raised when sleeping. Elevating the upper part of your body will make it more difficult for stomach acid to rise and cause discomfort.

3. Refrain from Bending Over

While it is difficult to prevent, try to avoid leaning over. When you need to bend over to pick up anything, you may do so as long as it is safe and comfortable for you. However, wherever feasible, attempt to bend your knees rather than bowing down from the waist.

4. Consider Wearing Loose Fitting Clothes

Tight clothing, particularly around the waistline, may cause strain on your stomach; therefore, maternity clothes can be beneficial in reducing discomfort. Loose-fitting clothes may alleviate your heartburn and indigestion discomfort. It is also more comforting to wear while pregnant.

5. Practice Good Posture When Sitting

Sitting up straight when eating and for another half hour afterward may be a straightforward approach to help prevent indigestion. When pregnant, resting with proper posture relieves strain on your tummy. However, be sure that this is comfortable for you and that you have enough back support.

6. Take Suitable Medication

There are a number of pregnancy-safe medications that may help alleviate the symptoms of heartburn and indigestion. If any of these lifestyle changes aren’t helpful, this may be a possibility. That said, remember to always consult your doctor and get the green light even if the medicine is said to be safe for consumption while pregnant.

Final Thoughts

Changes in your food and lifestyle may be enough to manage your symptoms, especially if they are moderate. Heartburn typically occurs after meals or before going to bed, and it may vary from unpleasant to painful. Understanding the reasons and preventive measures may offer comfort to expecting mothers.

Heartburns and indigestion can provide discomfort at great lengths. If you’ve ever wondered if mustard helps with heartburn, chances are your discomfort is enough to warrant some lifestyle changes—even if you’re pregnant. Learn more about what you can do to treat heartburn by checking out Reflux Away today!