4 Excellent DIY Remedies to Reduce Acid Reflux or Heartburn

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Acid reflux, also more commonly known as heartburn, is a condition where the esophageal sphincter is not closed properly, causing stomach acids to reach the esophagus—resulting in a burning sensation. There are many reasons this can happen. For some, it is because they overeat. For others, it occurs only when they drink alcohol. Regardless, it is not a fun condition to deal with, and if you are reading this today to address the issue, you are in luck.

This article will share great DIY tactics to fight off heartburn and improve your quality of life.

1. Stop smoking

For many smokers, smoking is one of the most common causes of heartburn. Tobacco stimulates the production of stomach acids. It also inhibits saliva, the body’s primary buffer against acids. In addition, tobacco itself also relaxes muscles, which causes the sphincter also to relax. This allows the stomach acid to reach the esophagus, hence acid reflux.

2. Avoid drinking

You should drink plenty of water, as it not only keeps your body hydrated but can also wash away the acids irritating you. That said, you should not drink too much alcohol and carbonated drinks. These drinks can cause the stomach to produce more acid or increase the acidity in your stomach. The gas that some of these drinks introduce may cause stomach acid to reach the esophagus. 

Specific to alcohol, the substance can cause the esophagus to be much more sensitive to stomach acid, which can cause heartburn.

3. Change your diet

Many food items can lead to heartburn. The most common are chocolate, coffee, fatty foods, and spicy foods. However, what causes heartburn will be specific to the individual, so some foods cause acid reflux in some that will not necessarily lead to heartburn in others. As such, it is always recommended that individuals take the time to note down what foods lead to heartburn. Minimizing or eliminating the intake of the foods that cause heartburn can reduce symptoms.

4. Eat smaller meals

It is not only what the diet consists of that can affect heartburn but also how much food is eaten. In most cases, overeating can apply pressure to the esophageal sphincter, forcing it to open and allowing stomach acids to enter the esophagus. Lying down right after can also put pressure on the sphincter. 

This commonly happens when food is eaten right before going to bed. To address such an issue, eating smaller meals can help reduce the pressure. If more food is needed to satiate the individual, eat more often to compensate for the smaller meals. Also, eating at least three hours before bedtime can ensure that the food will not cause the sphincter to open, addressing heartburn.


These are excellent DIY tips you can do anytime, anywhere, so long as you remember to do them. They will go a long way towards reducing the risk of heartburn, allowing you to enjoy a much more fulfilling life that is not plagued with acid reflux. 

If you still find yourself dealing with this painful condition, reach out to a doctor for advice. They can help you figure out what is really triggering your heartburn and give you more tips on what you can do to reduce and possibly eliminate acid reflux.

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